We’re Always On Guard!

Founded in Year 2020, Teligencia is a full-service cybersecurity company in Germany. We specialize in data protection and digital security needs of small and large-scale businesses.
As technology is evolving at a warp speed, so are the tactics of malicious actors wanting to attack your IT infrastructure to steal your personal information. Not staying ahead of these actors not only compromises your company’s integrity but also makes you lose your hard-earned customers.

At Teligencia, We’re Redefining The Way You Protect Your IT Infrastructure.

Our in-depth knowledge of advanced cybersecurity techniques, coupled with our unrivaled ability to understand your company’s unique security challenges, enables us to lead with extraordinary results. For us, protecting your business from cyber threats is about more than just installing some application. It’s about mitigating the risks with customized strategies, leveraging the potential of advanced analytics, and finally safeguarding your critical assets in a way that guarantees peace of mind. If you’re looking to improve your company’s cybersecurity posture at the same time as building customer confidence, choosing Teligencia should be your best bet!

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