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Managed Security Services

How do you ensure the security of networks and IT systems in your organization? Do you – like many others – often face IT security challenges such as:

  • High complexity
  • New types of threats emerging every day
  • Finding specialists with appropriate qualifications to deal with these issues professionally

With the Managed Security Services of Teligencia you can counteract these challenges.

As a Managed Security Provider (MSP), we take over the management, operation and monitoring of your entire IT security infrastructure. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can identify and eliminate security gaps in your company, monitor your networks or IT systems and prevent cyber attacks.

What are Managed Security Services?

Managed Security Services (MSS) are services in the form of management and assurance that are provided by a Managed Security Provider (MSP), especially in the area of IT security. This service makes it possible to outsource the IT security of a company or organization to a certain extent.

The benefits of Managed Security Services for your company

  • Our Managed Security Services are available to you 24/7
  • 333 IT heads with more than 30 years of experience check your systems
  • DSGVO compliant
  • Security requirements are adapted to your market environment and company values
  • Short response time to security incidents
  • Costs are reduced in many areas within your company:
    • Lower costs for personnel
    • Lower costs for staff training
    • Lower investment costs for technologies
    • Avoidance of follow-up costs due to IT security problems
  • You can concentrate on your own business and we take care of the security

Our products and managed security services

Smart vulnerability analysis as a managed service

Teligencia Vulnerability Management is a managed service that allows you to continuously check your external as well as your internal systems for vulnerabilities.

What are the benefits of SSM?

Continuous monitoring: Continuous monitoring allows you to optimize your security process. Adjustments to firewall systems and released services are monitored directly. If a threat situation arises, you will be informed immediately. Our remote service is directly available to you for the solution of analyzed vulnerabilities.

Constantly updated tests: The security feed is updated several times a day, so that all currently known threat situations and vulnerabilities can always be checked during each scan.

Easy configuration: With an intuitive interface and flat configuration structure, you can start your scans in minutes and get immediate results. With configurable schedules, you can turn your scans into continuous scanning in just a few steps.

If you have any questions, please contact your security experts at Teligencia!

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Managed Firewall

With a managed firewall you are on the safe side: Due to the acute and constantly growing threat situation, a mature and comprehensive IT security strategy is more important today than ever before. Firewalls form the basis of this strategy to adequately protect your infrastructure from cyberattacks.

Many companies face similar challenges with regard to their IT security:

  • High complexity of the topic
  • New types of threats emerging every day
  • Finding qualified personnel to address these issues

With our Managed Firewall Services we offer you design, configuration and operation of your firewalls by our highly specialized security professionals. Together with you, we create a set of rules tailored to your needs and, if necessary, adapt it to new requirements through our remote support.

With Firewall as a Service, you can be sure that your firewall is always up to date and optimally protected. In doing so, we use state-of-the-art technologies that meet today’s threat situation.

Flexible term and financing models give you the freedom to choose the firewall service that best suits your business. The managed firewall approach has the further advantage of being scalable to fit your company’s growth and strategy.

Through centralized management, we monitor all firewalls at each of your business locations immediately and in real time, intervening as needed. This allows us to manage small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) just as professionally as large-scale networked enterprise sites.

Your advantages with Managed Firewalls (FireSec)

  • Managed firewall service for your infrastructure
  • Highly specialized security experts configure and monitor the operation of your firewalls
  • Always on the cutting edge of threat prevention technology
  • Our financing models save you high investment costs
  • Scalable as required – from SME to distributed enterprise
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Fast response times / remote support

Endpoint Protection

Proactively prevent, detect and respond to threats in your enterprise endpoint environment!

Teligencia Endpoint Protection Asset is an innovative Security-as-a-Service concept that includes the complete deployment and operation of an endpoint security solution to protect your clients and/or servers. Teligencia Endpoint Protection combines leading traditional and modern, ever-evolving technologies to provide the maximum protection for your endpoints.

What exactly is Endpoint Protection?

Teligencia Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection protects end-user devices on your corporate network from potential threats. Every connected end-user device in your organization can be exploited as a potential point of attack from the outside. Teligencia Endpoint Protection (also called endpoint protection) prevents malware such as viruses, ransomware, spyware, or even security breaches from entering your network. This gives the end-user devices in your company the desired level of security.

What are the concrete advantages of SNC Endpoint Protection?

  • Transparency through our flexible, user- and server-accurate, monthly billing model
  • Time savings by outsourcing endpoint security (endpoint monitoring) and threat analysis to Teligencia
  • Sophisticated protection against modern malware through the use of artificial intelligence, among other things
  • Protection against ransomware through continuous behavioral analysis
  • Root cause analysis for reconstruction of attacks
  • No deployment and no costs for own infrastructure
  • Detect and stop the latest and even completely unknown cyber security threats targeting your endpoints (e.g. ransomware, fileless attacks, exploits and malware)
  • Protect your servers from the latest cyber security threats, as well as protection and additional controls for your servers, file integrity monitoring, application whitelisting, and detailed visibility into your organization’s cloud environment.

How does Endpoint Protection work?

Endpoint Protection uses encryption and application control to protect devices that access the corporate network. This enables better control of the security of these access paths and allows risky activity to be monitored and blocked in the event of an emergency.

Encryption of data on endpoints and removable storage devices helps protect against data leakage as well as data loss. Application control prevents endpoint users from running unauthorized applications that could cause network vulnerabilities.

Our Teligencia Endpoint Protection solution operates on a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, with both central and endpoint security solutions monitored remotely.

Why is Endpoint Protection important for your business?

The increase of network connections from outside is constantly growing in companies. This is due to remote work or home offices, for example. Due to these new conditions, companies and employees are integrating procedures to make access to data sets more fluid. This creates endpoint vulnerabilities that make the security perimeter of the corporate network more porous and vulnerable.

As a result, the growth of threats through the endpoints, and not always through the network, is steadily increasing, and as a result, centralized network protection does not go far enough to provide maximum security for the enterprise network. As a result, new layers of security should be integrated into enterprises that can provide endpoint protection.


What managed security services are available?

  • Spam detection and prevention
  • Firewall management
  • E-mail and web security
  • Monitoring of IT and network security
  • Virus protection and anti-virus software updates
  • Spam blocking
  • Consulting on all IT security issues
  • Provision of security hardware

What is a Managed Security Provider (MSP)?

A Managed Security Provider (MSSP) takes over IT security services within your organization, filling any IT gaps through managed service offerings. This includes initial provisioning and configuration, ongoing maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting for each service.

For organizations without the necessary resources, a managed security provider is a great help in providing the necessary protection for the organization.

Why should you hire a Managed Security Provider?

By engaging a Managed Security Provider (MSP), you reduce your costs in the long term by saving your own time and personnel expenses. You can use the resources for the actual core business and rely on the security expertise of an experienced service provider. Managed Security Providers have great know-how in the IT security area and are always up to date with the latest knowledge.